Thursday, March 26, 2015

Claes Oldenber "dropped cone"

I chose this sculpture because I think it's really cool how he depicted a giant cone half way hanging off the edge of the building. I like his work specifically because it's cool to see everyday objects enlarged  and oversized.

Song of Grace

I like the figures in movement that Frederick Hart creates, so I would like to emulate something similar to that but with simpler figures. Showing that same kind of movement in different ways, is the goal of my projects for the rest of the semester
Arneson was known for putting himself in his sculptures and this is what i want to emulate with my piece. I plan on using my face in an obscure. My main inspiration is coming from the peice of art where he has many smaller faces coming out of his larger face
I am doing an homage to Mondrian by using sculpture technique of nevelson. Using wood and painting it the colors in the painting.

Eddie Dominguez

"Redwall" by E Dominguez

Made of 383 fired ceramic tiles, Redwall was compiled by Domiguez. Each one was made from a different person that he encountered during his years teaching at the University of Nebraska. It is now installed as public art in the Lied Center of Arts. 
  there's not a specific sculpture but this style of drapery and collectivism is something I wanna strive for

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst is the artist I am using as inspiration for my work. My plan is going to evolve around the basis of a woman. She will have half of her outer features including her hair, eyelashes, skin, neck and earring. The other half of her will be the interior skeleton, including teeth and all of the concavities of the skull, as well as neck bones. This piece will be mounted on a pedestal. The pedestal will be detailed accordingly. The half that is alive will be detailed with vines and flowers, the other half will resemble non-living aspects.

Pablo Picasso

For my project I will create a dinner set with different shapes. I am thinking to make it swirly with a nice definition on the body. My theme will be "Different Emotions" (happy, sad, excitement, and nervous). I am going to use clay for my dinner set and hoping that I will get to use them in the future. 

Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Tim Noble and Sue Webster have been working together for years, and they specialize in making elaborate shadow art out of trash.  I hope to emulate this in this half of the semester, it will be difficult and to be honest, I'd be shocked if I come close to anything that resembles their work.  I am going to give it the ol college try though.

Dale Chihuly

For the final few projects, I would like to make something more natural and organic...plant like. I think it will be interesting to use a clay medium to achieve this. Dale Chihuly makes organic shapes/plants out of glass, with bright vibrant colors. He has many installation pieces, several in Washington. His work is very beautiful.

"Chihuly began the Venetian series with Lino Tagliapietra as an homage to Italian Art Deco vases he saw on a trip to Venice. He loved the aesthetic and symmetry of the vases; however, the artworks quickly lost their symmetry and became bolder and brighter."

I chose two of  Berninis sculptures the fountain of four rivers and the fountain about Poseidon . Both are made of marble and portray multiple stories. Bernini is known for doing dramatic, theatrical situations and expressions as well as intricate details and mythological or religious figures. My plan for my sculptures modeled after him are to take a Greek mythical God and make a fountain scheme of creature and figures that are involved in the gods story.

Clase Oldenburgh Soft material sculptures

For my projects I am going to do sculptures of soft material objects that go hand in hand with idea of psychology and regarding the mind. (Autism, depression, poverty, and the brain itself). I am going to use the plaster strips that we used to make the body part impressions based off of Segal, to cover newspaper which will be used to create my forms.  

Antony Gormley series

Using the works of Antony Gormley for inspiration my sculpture serious would focus on a theme of human silhouettes through a non-human medium. Ideally it would be the arrangement of different polygonal structures to convey a human structure or action. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015

George Segal was an American sculptor and painter associated with the Pop Art movement. Pictured above is a work he did for a holocaust memorial, the figures are a ghostly white casts really making the piece very dramatic and gloomy.